Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

Trying out RapidMooc

What is RapidMooc

We have been exploring the idea of creating videos with RapidMooc. This is an example of a video that can I created in just 3 minutes while I was visiting the RapidMooc showroom.

What RapidMooc can do

RapidMooc will record you in front of any background:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • picture or video
  • computer screen (via HDMI)
  • iPad (via the built-in Apple TV)

You can also use the build in autocue for a more formal presentation.

Schedule a demo

Inwicast, the makers of the technology, have kindly offered us a demo unit for the week between 18 and 22 June at Saïd Business School (Park End Street, Oxford).

If you’d like to come try what it’s like to make videos with RapidMooc, please, contact to schedule a demo on one of the days.

Feel free to bring a PowerPoint or iPad to record with. If you have a script for the autocue, you can try it as well, simply create a plain text file.


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