Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

Digiknow sessions for Trinity 2019 – available across Oxford

We have teamed up with the IT Learning Centre to deliver Digiknow sessions for the whole university over the course of Trinity term. Please register via the links below.

2 May 12:15 Using technology more productively: Save time, keep healthy! [See slides]

17 May 12:30 Formatting documents for readability and accessibility [See slides and videos]

22 May 12:30 Tech tools to write clear and simple English for web and print [See slides]

28 May 12:45 Creating mind maps, flowcharts and infographics with everyday tools  [See slides]

4 June 12:30 Improving language learning with apps [Slides to come]

24 June 12:30 Reading, writing and study skills: Technology you should know [Slides to come]

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