Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

AI in Education: Oxford talk series for Michaelmas 2019

The Oxford IT Learning Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning are running a series of talks on AI in Education this term.

I will be giving part of the introductory talk, I’m thinking of as “AI in 20 minutes”. The idea is provide a brief outline of key concepts in AI and short vignettes of both successes and failures of its use in and outside of education. I’ll be basing it on my series of blog posts on AI and conceptualisation on my personal blog. Some of the notions I’d like the attendees to walk away with are:

  • Differentiate between AI, machine learning, neural nets, expert systems
  • Identify key sources of learning more at any level
  • Have a sense of the AI / Machine Learning landscape
  • Understand that AI has mathematical foundations
  • Be exposed to several short case studies / vignettes of AI successes and failures
  • Learn a short checklist for evaluating claims about AI


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