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How to get most out of LinkedIn Learning: Tips and Recommended Courses

What is LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a great resource for high-quality training courses in technology as well as general business skills free to all students and staff at Oxford University. But many people struggle to get the most out of this. This post links to instructions of how to access LinkedIn Learning with Oxford University credentials, gives you some tips on how to learn from it most effectively, and gives reccommendations of some of the best courses.

How to get most out of LinkedIn Learning

Follow these instructions on how to access LinkedIn Learning with university credentials. Make sure you also install the app on your phone and/or tablet.

Listen at higher speed

  • You can speed up videos up to 2x. This can help you watch more and also improve attention.
  • To get started listening at higher speeds, turn on Captions to aid comprehensions
  • You can also reduce speed for complex subjects

Navigate via transcript

  • Each video has a transcript
  • You can click on any sentence in the transcript to jump to section on the video
  • The transcript can be also used as Captions (this is the only choice on the mobile app)

Use mobile app for offline viewing

  • You can use Android, iOS or Windows 10 apps for offline download
  • All apps are free and use the same login process

Use podcast mode on app to listen with the phone screen off

  • Some courses require less visual attention than others
  • On the mobile app, you can set a course to podcast mode and listen with the screen off

Use notes, bookmarks and collections

  • You can use Notes to add comments on any part of a video within a course
  • You can bookmark any individual video and access it via Bookmarks under your account or add it to a collection to share with others

Share your achievements on LinkedIn

  • You can post certificates of any courses your completed on your LindkeIn profile.
  • OU Integration does not do this automatically.


Recommended courses

The University already includes many LinkedIn Learning courses in its skills portfolio, here are some collections that may be particularly relevant to those interested in productivity.

Office 365 and Teams

Courses that focus on the collaboration features in Office 365. How to set up file sharing and how to work with others. Note: Not all of the features described may be enabled on our instance.

Office 365 Apps 

Courses and videos that improve your productivity with Office 365 Apps: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Canvas – VLE 

Courses that introduce the key features of Canvas VLE.


Courses and videos on accessibility for web development and document creation.

Study Skills and Productivity 

Courses and videos that focus on improving productivity in reading, writing and organisation for students, faculty and staff.

Machine Learning and AI 

Learn the foundations of machine learning with these courses. Includes general overviews as well as deep dives with coding.

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