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By Dominik Lukeš

Alternatives to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a great source of learning and is available for free for all students and staff at Oxford University. But there are many useful alternatives where you can learn from videos. They can supplement existing LinkedIn Learning courses or offer teaching in areas which are not covered by LinkedIn Learning’s extensive catalogue.


All OU students and staff have free access to CreativeLive. Which offers a variety of courses in seminar format on creative and technical subjects.


Great wealth and depth of resources even on extremely esoteric subjects. Quality may be variable but extremely good learning resources are commonly available for free.

LinkedIn Learning competitors

There are a number of direct competitors to LinkedIn Learning with similar business models and approaches to course design and delivery. The most well known are: Udemy and SkillsShare,

MOOC Platforms

EdX, Coursera, FutureLearn contain many free courses on general and academic subjects.


Great free tutorials mostly in STEM subjects. Extremely valuable as a way to catch up on high school to undergraduate maths and physics.

Product / Vendor courses

Many product vendors such as Microsoft or Google offer free online courses in their products

Great Courses and Great Courses Plus

Video and audio-only undergraduate-level courses across a wide variety of subjects from history to physics. Audio courses are also available via Audible at great discount.

Master Class

Video courses with many famous experts in various disciplines including Martin Scorsese, Herbie Hancock or Malcolm Gladwell.

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