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By Dominik Lukeš

RapidMooc courses in Hilary 2020

You can now register for RapidMooc courses at the IT Learning Centre. There is a shorter intro session run twice and a more hands-on session run once.

RapidMOOC familiarisation


  • 29 Jan 2020 12:30 – 13:30
  • 20 Feb 2020 12:30 – 13:30

Register here

This session will give you a quick overview and demonstration of RapidMooc – a system for recording videos with just the touch of a button. Recording a video is as easy as connecting a laptop to a projector and pushing start. The presenter then appears with the PowerPoint (or whatever else is on the screen) as a background. The style of videos recorded with RapidMooc is familiar from online courses (MOOCs) or LinkedIn Learning but it can be used to record videos for any purpose including staff training, promotion, projects reports, etc.This session is an alternative to the more extensive 3-hour workshop on Creating videos with RapidMooc which focuses on practical work on videos.”

  • What is RapidMooc
  • What kinds of videos can be made with RapidMooc
  • How to prepare materials for use with RapidMooc
  • Key tips for success
  • Overview of the key features and how to use them

Creating instructional videos with RapidMOOC

Date: 3 March 2020 – 09:15 – 12:15

Register here

This is a more extensive workshop aimed at people interested in the whole process of video creation. This 3-hour workshop will take you through everything you need to make a video with RapidMooc. You will be taken through the complete process of preparing a short (2-3 minute) video and will leave with a usable recorded video (or at least a first draft). RapidMooc has been used to create successful videos for mini lectures, staff training, video CVs and more. You can watch an example (and learn more about the RapidMooc) at The workshop will cover:

  • What is instructional video, recent developments and current best practice
  • What is RapidMooc and how it works
  • How to prepare materials to create videos with RapidMooc without any need for post production
  • How to structure and outline a video to most effectively transfer classroom practice


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