Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

What do we know about effective educational videos? Insights from research and practice

Free webinar organised by iSpring on Thu, 27 Feb, 5-6pm: Register

iSpring approached me to contribute to their webinar series based on my presentation at the Devlearn conference on the subject of videos. I’ve decided to go slightly deeper into the evidence base we have for making videos we would call effective. The question is complicated when we look at both research and the practice we see around us.

The webinar will address questions such as those below and contrast what is known and what is practiced:

  • What video format should educators choose?
  • How long should a video be?
  • Should a video use a script?
  • What is the importance of production value?
  • What is the role of supporting graphics and text?
  • What is the evolving language of video as a medium of communication and instruction?
  • What is the importance of community and context for a successful video?
  • How can the success of videos in informal learning contexts translate into formal education and training?

Interested? Register for Thu, 27 Feb, 5-6pm.

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