Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

Teaching Remotely Webinars: Ideas for using video


The Centre for Teaching and Learning is hosting a number of webinar sessions to provide additional support and guidance to colleagues making the transition from face-to-face to remote teaching with their students. This webinar will show you some practical examples of videos produced at the University in different formats: from the simplest videos created on a mobile phone, to more advanced techniques such as screen-casting. We explore what we know about educational videos from research evidence and practice. We look at the theory of using video, answering such questions as ‘How long should a video be?’, ‘What should a PowerPoint slide suitable for video look like?’, and ‘How do students consume videos’?

  • Understanding different ways to use video for teaching remotely
  • Knowledge of tools you can use for producing video
  • Knowledge of the range of general resources available for teaching remotely
  • Experiencing being a participant in a live Teams session so that you can offer your own live sessions for small groups of students



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