Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

Training sessions available in May 2020

These training sessions are available to anyone at the University of Oxford. Registration available via Canvas on

Mon, 11 May, 14:00: How to get better at computers (or anything): Strategies, metaphors and tips NEW!

Wed, 13 May, 14:00: Zoom Basics: How to organise, support and run online classes with Zoom

Fri, 15 May, 11:00: Zoom masterclass: Beyond the basics with Zoom

Fri, 15 May, 14:00: Setting up your Zoom work space: Hardware, software and more

Mon, 18 May, 14:00: Creating mind maps, flowcharts and infographics with everyday tools NEW!

Tue, 19 May, 14:00: Making Canvas interactive: Discussions, Quizzes, Groups, and more

Wed, 20 May, 11:00: How to make the most out of PowerPoint: New and old features to increase impact and productivity

Wed, 20 May, 14:00: Making videos for flipped classroom with everyday tools: Tools and principles

Thu, 21 May, 14:00: Using instructional design principles to update courses for online teaching with a simple checklist

Fri, 22 May, 11:00: Manage long documents more efficiently and develop Advanced Word skills NEW!

Fri, 22 May, 14:00: Using technology more productively: Save time, keep healthy!  NEW!

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