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By Dominik Lukeš

12 questions about producing instructional videos: Answers for evidence-based practice – free webinar

I will be running this session on 18 June at 1pm UK time as part of the Media & Learning 2020 online conference in collaboration with RapidMooc using their virtual exhibition booth.

Registration is free to conference participants.

The 12 questions

This session will answer questions to 12 commonly-asked questions about producing effective instructional videos. The answers will be based on research evidence using the 6-Tasks Framework.The questions are:

  1. How long should a video be?
  2. How highly produced should videos be?
  3. Should a script be used?
  4. What should be the design of backgrounds / slides?
  5. Should there be a face in the video?
  6. How important is it to look directly into the camera?
  7. Should the video use animations?
  8. How frequently should the video transition between backgrounds?
  9. Should the video switch between angles and perspectives?
  10. Should the video have a branding intro?
  11. How important is it to have a story?
  12. How should the video be presented to learners?

6 Tasks Framework assumes that an effective video needs to aim to perform these six tasks:

  1. Direct attention
  2. Minimize distraction
  3. Support conceptualisation
  4. Make a personal connection
  5. Enable navigation
  6. Balance competing needs based on the learner’s situation

The 6 Tasks Framework is based on the 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning and will be explained in an upcoming guide.

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