Dominik Lukeš

By Dominik Lukeš

6-Tasks Framework for thinking about instructional video

I have been trying to synthesise the various strands of research into educational videos for a while. The famous 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer leave too many gaps and are hard to apply more generally. Other frameworks do not focus on some of the more practical aspects of educational video.

So, in response, I developed a framework that tries to respond in practical ways to the needs of educators by focusing on 6 tasks a video needs to achieve. These are:

  1. Direct attention
  2. Minimise distraction
  3. Support conceptualisation
  4. Make a personal connection
  5. Enable navigation and give learner control
  6. Balance competing needs based on the learner’s situation

This is still a work in progress but a first draft was just published on the Media and Learning site with more details.

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