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By Dominik Lukeš

Language Corpus: Essential Tool for Research and Teaching – Free Workshop

We designed a new Digiknow workshop aimed at researchers as well as teachers. It is aimed to introduce anybody interested in working with text data or using language data to inform their research.

Date: 10 Nov 2020,  12:30 – 14:00
Location: Online – Register

Pre workshop materials and quick summary of corpus benefits available (also see below)

A corpus is a representative collection of texts from a language that can be used to research how people speak and what they say about different things. Consulting a corpus is essential for any research activity that works with language data or relies on understanding of participants’ responses. Researchers should use a corpus when preparing survey questions, preparing laboratory experiments in psychology, formulating research questions, or when even deciding on names of new concepts. Students and academics can also use a corpus to help them with writing and preparing study materials. There are free corpora for many languages on the web and it is really easy to search through them and get results in an easily comprehensible format. There are also specialist corpora for specific domains of interest, such as child language, historical English or translation between several languages.This workshop will introduce you to the concept of language corpora, how to decide which one to use, how to search it and how to interpret the results. You will have a chance to try a hands on search and you are welcome to bring your own research problems and see how using a corpus can make you more effective.

  • What is a corpus and how it can improve your research and teaching
  • Different uses of corpora in the humanities, social sciences and even sciences
  • General purpose and specialist corpora in multiple languages
  • Use of corpus to help researchers and students write more effectively
  • Tools and approach to building your own corpus vs. using NVIVO



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