Dominik Lukeš

Dominik has previously worked at the intersection of education, research and technology in various roles. He worked as language specialist and training director for the US Peace Corps in over 15 countries including Kazakhstan, Albania and Timor Leste. He has also held teaching positions at SSEES, University of Glasgow and University of East Anglia. Immediately prior to joining Saïd Business School, he was the Senior Education and Technology Specialist for Dyslexia Action working on developing online courses and participating in international research projects.

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Posted by: on August 16, 2018

ALT Conference Preview: Expanding digital affordances

I will be presenting a session next month at the ALT Conference on Lessons from the Oxford HIVE and digital affordances. I wanted to run a preview of the session using the Oxford HIVE itself. It will run Wed, August 22, 2018, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM UK Time You can register here. This is also […]

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Posted by: on June 11, 2018

Trying out RapidMooc

What is RapidMooc We have been exploring the idea of creating videos with RapidMooc. This is an example of a video that can I created in just 3 minutes while I was visiting the RapidMooc showroom. What RapidMooc can do RapidMooc will record you in front of any background: PowerPoint presentation picture or video computer screen […]

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Posted by: on June 8, 2018

What is learning technology?

This is a blog run by digital learning technologists about learning technology. But the question often comes up What are learning technologies? Or What is that a learning technologist does? A good starting point is the definition offered by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). We define Learning Technology as the broad range of communication, information and […]

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