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Posted by: on August 16, 2018

ALT Conference Preview: Expanding digital affordances

I will be presenting a session next month at the ALT Conference on Lessons from the Oxford HIVE and digital affordances. I wanted to run a preview of the session using the Oxford HIVE itself. It will run Wed, August 22, 2018, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM UK Time You can register here. This is also […]

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Posted by: on June 11, 2018

Trying out RapidMooc

What is RapidMooc We have been exploring the idea of creating videos with RapidMooc. This is an example of a video that can I created in just 3 minutes while I was visiting the RapidMooc showroom. What RapidMooc can do RapidMooc will record you in front of any background: PowerPoint presentation picture or video computer screen […]

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Posted by: on June 8, 2018

What is learning technology?

This is a blog run by digital learning technologists about learning technology. But the question often comes up What are learning technologies? Or What is that a learning technologist does? A good starting point is the definition offered by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). We define Learning Technology as the broad range of communication, information and […]

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